Invest in the things that matter most.

Dating + relationship coaching is an optimistic, forward-focused practice that helps modern singles, couples, and polyamorous partners custom-design their love lives. Unique from traditional forms of therapy, coaching utilizes a protective, preventative lens to enhance your romantic and sexual relationships with a focus on personal development.


Through one-on-one work with Dr. Meghna Mahambrey, you'll have a safe, confidential space to talk about past, current, or future partners. Meghna's psycho-educational approach will equip you with develop the necessary knowledge, skills, and confidence to navigate your love life on your own terms.

Everyone can benefit from relationship coaching - singles, casual daters, engaged couples, newlyweds, long-married spouses, divorced folks, or those in relationships who want to attend alone.​ Meghna warmly welcomes all gender + sexual identities.


Interested in growing as a person, learning about the inner workings of relationships, and taking proactive steps toward designing your ideal partnership?  If so, then coaching is perfect for you. Explore our packages + pricing below, skim the FAQ, and request a free 30-minute phone consultation with Meghna today.

Popular topics covered:

>>  Singles + Partnered Individuals

  • psychology of attraction​

  • flirtation tips + tricks

  • qualities of an ideal partner

  • honestly assess what you bring to the table

  • best ways to meet potential partners

  • design the perfect online dating profile

  • whether marriage is right for you

  • heal from break-ups or divorce

  • & so much more..

>>  Dating + Engaged + Married Partners

  • healthy communication skills

  • speaking your partner's love language

  • ingredients of emotional intelligence

  • the power of gratitude

  • conversations about money

  • negotiate division of housework

  • understand sexual needs and desires

  • experiment with ethical non-monogamy

  • & so much more...