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SPARK coaching helps singles, couples, and polyamorous partners build a happy, healthy love life.  We take a proactive, solution-focused approach to helping you sort through your stuff - whatever that may be. We'll dive into the inner workings of your relationship, explore the roots of your attitudes and behaviors, and establish tangible goals around the issues that matter most to you. Then we'll offer evidence-based strategies, creative ideas, and practical tools to help you achieve your goals. Ready to dive in?

SPARK coaches can help you:

  • Break hurtful patterns of communication

  • Learn to express your feelings effectively

  • Recognize patterns in your conflicts
  • Nurture appreciation and gratitude

  • Restore romance, fun, and adventure

  • Identify each other's love languages

  • Manage mismatched sex drives

  • Strengthen sexual communication skills

  • Open your relationship mindfully

  • Navigate other questions or concerns

Meet the Coaches

SPARK coaches are trained in the Gottman Method and draw from the teachings of Esther Perel, Gary Chapman, Eli Finkel, Amy Moors, Justin Lehmiller, and other relationship scholars.


Dr. Meghna Mahambrey

Founder of SPARk

Learn more about Meghna


2024 Availability:

Monday & Wednesday: 4-8pm

Tuesday & Thursday: 12-4pm

Sunday: 12-4pm


Andrew Kuss

Co-founder of SPARK

Learn more about Andrew


2024 Availability:

Monday & Wednesday: 10:30-2:30pm

Thursday: 4:30-8:30pm

Sunday: 5:30-8pm

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Good to Know

coaching is for everyone

Coaching is a powerful tool for dating, engaged, or married couples as well as single or partnered individuals attending solo.

insurance is not accepted

We offer a no-interest monthly payment plan split across the duration of your package; reach out to get yours set up.

WE no longer offer consultation calls

On the fence? Reach out with questions or try one session to see if it's a good fit before committing to a larger package.

Virtual sessions available

In-person is the default format; if you need to meet virtually, first purchase a package then reach out to request a Zoom link.

Coaching Packages + Pricing

Invest in the things that matter most.

1 Couple's Session



On the fence? Meet the coach, share your story, get feedback, and decide if it's a good fit for you.

Valid for one month

1 session - 60 mins


Payment due in full (insurance is NOT accepted)

Limit one per couple

4 Couple's Sessions



Ready to dive in? Explore unhealthy patterns, clarify your vision, and gain helpful tools.

Valid for 2 months

4 sessions - 60 mins


Payment plan available (insurance is NOT accepted)

Unlimited purchases

8 Couple's Sessions



Craving deeper healing & harmony? Improve communication and restore emotional & physical intimacy.

Valid for 4 months

8 sessions - 60 mins


Payment plan available (insurance is NOT accepted)

Unlimited purchases

Are you single OR in a relationship but want to attend alone?

Packages + Pricing
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