Relationship Coaching

Relationship coaching is a proactive, forward-focused practice that helps modern singles, couples, and polyamorous partners enhance their love lives. Unique from traditional forms of therapy, Dr. Meghna Mahambrey offers clients direct feedback, guidance, and wisdom with an emphasis on education, skill-building, and personal growth.


Coaching may be used as a protective, preventative tool for those who want to set themselves up for success, or an intervention strategy for those navigating challenges. No topic is off-limits. Meghna warmly welcomes all gender + sexual identities regardless of relationship status - singles, dating folks, engaged couples, newlyweds, long-married spouses, divorced folks, or those in relationships who want to attend alone.​


Eager to grow as a person, learn about the inner workings of relationships, and build a happy, healthy love life on your own terms?  If so, then coaching is perfect for you. Explore our packages + pricing below, skim the FAQ, and request a free 30-minute phone consultation with Meghna today. Please note: we do not accept insurance.

Meghna will be on maternity leave September - December 2022. Prospective clients may still schedule a free consultation call now, and will be put on a waitlist to begin in January 2023.


  • What drives physical attraction?

  • How can I flirt confidently?

  • What should I look for in a partner?

  • Am I a desirable partner?

  • How can I meet people in real life?

  • Is my online dating profile compelling?

  • Do I really want to get married?

  • How can I heal from a break-up or divorce?

  • Why do I get so jealous?

  • How can we improve our communication?

  • What are our love languages?

  • How can we cultivate emotional intelligence?

  • Why do we fight so much?

  • What are ways to increase gratitude?

  • How should we talk about money?

  • What is a fair division of housework?

  • How should we navigate our sexual needs?

  • How can we mindfully open our relationship?