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Invest in the things that matter most.

You likely have burning questions about your love life.  If you're single, you might wonder: what should I look for in a partner?  Does online dating really work?  What do women really find attractive?  Those who are dating are probably curious: how do I know if this guy is husband-material?  Why does it bother me so much when she talks about her ex?  When is the right time to get engaged?  As a married couple, you might ask: how can we disagree more constructively?  What do I do if I'm attracted to someone else?  Is it normal that our sex life has dwindled?  Underlying these questions are relationship goals - whether mental, emotional, physical, or spiritual.  Deep down, we are all longing for something.


Relationship coaching is an exploratory, forward-focused practice that capitalizes on positive psychology to help you identify and achieve your relationship goals, whatever they may be.  Through one-on-one work with Meghna Mahambrey, M.Ed., Ph.D., you'll have a safe space to talk about past, current, or future partners and develop knowledge and skills to navigate modern romantic relationships.


Meghna utilizes a psycho-educational approach to address your burning questions.  She'll cater each coaching session to your personal needs, guiding you through thought-provoking discussions, eye-opening exercises, and introspective reflections.  Meghna will also share research-based information on the topics that matter most to you.  You will get crystal clear about what you really want, and how to make it happen.


Unlike therapy (through which a qualified professional can diagnose and treat serious issues such as mental disorders, domestic violence, trauma, substance abuse, and infidelity), relationship coaching is a protective and preventative measure for those who want to learn, grow, and set their relationships up for success.  Think of Meghna as a relationship mentor; rather than unpacking the past, she aims to proactively strengthen and support you moving forward.


Meghna welcomes singles, casual daters, engaged couples, newlyweds, long-married spouses, divorced folks, or those in relationships who want to attend alone.​  Interested in understanding the inner workings of romantic relationships?  Curious to get to know yourself and your partner better?  Eager to nurture your relationship with your current or future significant other?  If so, then relationship coaching is perfect for you.

What You'll Learn:

Singles + Partnered Individuals

  • psychology of attraction

  • "checklist" for your ideal partner

  • honestly assessing what you bring to the table

  • areas for growth and improvement

  • best ways to meet potential partners

  • designing the perfect online dating profile

  • flirtation tips + tricks

  • choosing a partner wisely

  • how to pace the physical intimacy

  • whether marriage is right for you

  • & so much more...

Dating + Engaged + Married Couples

  • effective communication skills

  • constructive ways to handle conflict

  • speaking your partner's love language

  • emotional intelligence in love

  • the power of giving and receiving gratitude

  • striking a healthy work-life balance

  • conversations about money

  • negotiating division of housework

  • exploring sexual needs and desires

  • how to open your relationship

  • & so much more...


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