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Dating + Relationship Coaching

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Dr. Meghna Mahambrey helps modern singles, couples, and polyamorous partners enhance their love lives through one-on-one coaching. Meghna's educational approach focuses on honest feedback, insightful perspective, and evidence-based strategies to help clients achieve their relationship goals. Unique from traditional therapy, coaching sessions with Meghna feel more like casual conversations than clinical appointments, and clients walk away with knowledge and skills to navigate their love lives with clarity and confidence.


SPARK coaching is ideal for dating, engaged, or newlywed couples who want to set themselves up for success, or for long-term couples facing challenges and stuck in old patterns. Meghna regularly works with singles as well, providing powerful tips and tricks for the dating scene whether for the first time or after a break-up/divorce. Ethically non-monogamous partners also benefit from coaching through fine-tuning communication skills, exploring mental and emotional boundaries, and learning effective strategies to manage multiple relationships. Meghna warmly welcomes all gender + sexual identities.


2023 UPDATE: Due to high demand for SPARK coaching services, Meghna is no longer able to accommodate free consultation calls. Prospective clients are invited to watch Meghna's TED talk, review her qualifications, and browse SPARK Google reviews. You can also swing by our monthly happy hour to meet Meghna in-person and determine if it'd be a good fit. When you're ready to move forward, please review the FAQ and pricing options below, then you're welcome to purchase a package and schedule your first session. We're happy to answer additional questions through email:


  • What drives physical attraction?

  • How can I flirt confidently?

  • What should I look for in a partner?

  • Am I a desirable partner?

  • How can I meet people in real life?

  • Is my online dating profile compelling?

  • Do I really want to get married?

  • How can I heal from a break-up or divorce?

  • Why do I get so jealous?

  • How can we improve our communication?

  • What are our love languages?

  • How can we cultivate emotional intelligence?

  • Why do we fight so much?

  • What are ways to increase gratitude?

  • How should we talk about money?

  • What is a fair division of housework?

  • How should we navigate our sexual needs?

  • How can we mindfully open our relationship?

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