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Dating + Relationship Coaching

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Dr. Meghna Mahambrey has developed a unique and powerful method of helping singles, couples, and polyamorous partners address questions and concerns about their love lives through focused one-on-one coaching. Relative to traditional counseling or therapy, coaching is a modern alternative that takes a protective, preventative approach to relationship and sexual wellness. Coaching sessions provide an opportunity to heal, learn, grow, and connect in a meaningful way. Meghna's relaxed and personable demeanor makes coaching sessions feel more like casual conversations than clinical appointments. Her honest feedback, valuable insight, and concrete suggestions allow clients to walk away with a fresh perspective, optimistic heart, and the necessary knowledge and skills to achieve their relationship goals.


Coaching is ideal for everyone, regardless of relationship status. Singles will develop clarity in what they're looking for in a partner, assess what they bring to the table themselves, and learn effective strategies to navigate the dating scene. Dating, engaged, or married couples can set themselves up for success by utilizing coaching as a protective tool in the early stages of their relationship, or address challenges that have developed over time by utilizing coaching as an intervention. Ethically non-monogamous partners can fine-tune communication skills, explore mental and physical boundaries, and learn how to gracefully manage multiple relationships. SPARK warmly welcomes clients of all ages, races, religions, and gender or sexual identities. 

Ready to invest in your love life? Check out our FAQ below, meet our coaches, purchase a package, and schedule your first session.  Please note that due to high demand for coaching services, we are no longer able to accommodate free consultation calls. Prospective clients are invited to watch Meghna's TED talk, review her qualifications, and browse SPARK Google reviews. We're happy to answer additional questions through email:

AUGUST 2023 UPDATE: Meghna's caseload is currently full.  To secure your spot on her waitlist: purchase a package, set the start date for November 1st, 2023, and schedule your first session after that date.  Please do not set an earlier start date; sessions scheduled by waitlisted clients before November 1st will be canceled to ensure current clients can complete their packages in a timely manner.  Thanks!


Meghna has so much wisdom and insight to offer.  Coaching with her was 10,000 times more beneficial than therapy... and I've done a lot of therapy.

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