Kill 'Em with Kindness  
>> Healthy Communication Strategies During Stressful Times <<
Friday, July 10, 2020  |  8:00-9:00pm
* 100% of proceeds go to Black Lives Matter *

The global pandemic has impacted couples across the globe as they struggle to manage work responsibilities (or unemployment), housework, children, ill friends or family members, and the plethora of mental and emotional stressors that come with an international health crisis.  Understandably, this has created a tense and frazzled climate at home for many of us, and our relationships have been pushed to the back-burner.

The social justice movement has also shaken things up as protests have erupted nationwide, quickly revealing a deep-rooted foundation of white privilege and supremacy in our country.  Here at SPARK, we stand in solidarity with Black Lives Matter, demanding eradication of systemic and interpersonal racism that has perpetuated centuries of discrimination, injustice, poverty, mass incarceration, brutal violence, and murder within the black community.  We pledge to use our personal and professional platforms to help educate and encourage those around us to become informed and advocate for freedom and justice for our black brothers and sisters. 

As such, SPARK will donate 100% of proceeds from this workshop to a Black Lives Matter organization.


Kill 'Em with Kindness will dive into one of the most important aspects of a relationship – communication. 

First, we will examine the ‘Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse’, which are common yet destructive

communication habits many of us have likely slipped into during these stressful times.  Then, we will explore healthy communication alternatives that promote kinder and more compassionate ways to handle conflict.


We have a unique opportunity to reflect on what the pandemic and the protests have taught us about ourselves, our partners, and our relationships.  No matter who you are or how long you’ve been together, you will walk away with evidence-based strategies to mindfully connect during difficult times, now and in the future.

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