Your love life plays a dramatic role in your mental and physical health.


Think about it; if everything is peachy with your significant other, you're probably in a great mood, productive at work, getting along with family and friends, and being a present parent. If things are shaky in your relationship, you may feel stressed and anxious, have difficulty focusing on the job, avoid being around other people, and struggle to bring your best self to your kids. You may even find yourself getting sick more often, or have trouble recovering from illnesses.


We all want happy, healthy relationships, that's a no-brainer. Yet few of us have the knowledge and skills to navigate the complexities of modern love and marriage. We just figure it out as we go through trial and error, copying behaviors of those around us, or repeating old patterns from past relationships. Then we settle for "good enough".

But you crave more than that, don't you?


Founder of SPARK and award-winning instructor Meghna Mahambrey, M.Ed., Ph.D. offers relationship and sexuality psycho-education to the general public through group workshops, one-on-one coaching, corporate events, bachelor/ette parties, divorce + breakup parties, a podcast, a blog, and guest speaking opportunities. She does the heavy lifting through her reading and research, then distills the information into entertaining and educational nuggets of wisdom that you can immediately apply to your love life.


SPARK is the only minority-owned, women-led small local business in Ohio that offers protective, preventative relationship + sexual wellness services without clinical, religious, or political affiliations. Rooted firmly in academic literature, SPARK's mission is simply to educate the community on matters close to their hearts (and hips) so they can enjoy the mental and physical benefits of healthy intimate connection. Meghna's style is fun and relaxed, utilizing positive psychology and a forward-focused approach. She meets you where you're at and helps guide you where you want to go. 


SPARK welcomes singles, couples, and polyamorous relationships across all gender and sexual identities. Everyone is welcome, always.


Check out our workshop schedule or request free a coaching consultation today. We can't wait to meet you.

the grass is greener where you water it.

"Meghna's TED talk impressed the hell out of me.  The sheer audacity of what she has proposed boggles the mind.  It could change the very fabric of our society.  It is, quite literally, revolutionary."

- Dave T.

"SPARK workshops are an incredibly novel date night idea!"

- Yelena W.


"Meghna is compassionate and intelligent, and her academic background adds a valuable dimension to her approach to relationship coaching."

- Brandon M.

"The workshop was packed full of thought-provoking ideas and conversation.  Meghna's relatable facilitation style created a comfortable environment and inspired participation from everyone."

- Alex K.


"Meghna is the best!  Fun-loving, energetic, hilarious, and incredibly easy to get along with.  Sweetest woman ever who clearly cares about making an impact."

- Olivia S.


"Honestly, we've been married for 30 years and even we learned new things from this workshop.  Meghna is an incredibly articulate speaker, and makes you feel calm and comfortable."

- Melissa F.

"Love Meghna's charming and easy-going style!  She creates a friendly environment to learn, share and grow.  Each workshop leaves me thinking for days."

- Kara O.

"Meghna is straight up a relationship goddess!!!"

- Vishal B.