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Our physical and psychological health are closely tied to the quality of our love lives. Yet, we aren't born with inherent knowledge and skills to successfully navigate the complexities of modern relationships. We stumble around, learning what we know through friends, family, culture, religion - and Google, of course.


Most couples wait until they're struggling to seek help, at which point it can be difficult to unravel years of frustration and heartache. Proactively investing in your love life early on is the best way to protect and nurture your romantic relationship - and your well-being.

Founder of SPARK and award-winning instructor Meghna Mahambrey has taught college courses for over a decade, presented original research at national conferences, was featured in Psychology Today, and gave a popular TED talk. With a Master's Degree in Education along with a Master's Degree in Human Development and Family Science, Meghna earned her doctorate focusing on relationship quality, sexual satisfaction, and the evolution of marriage. She has attended trainings and seminars by The Gottman Institute, Esther Perel, and Dr. Gary Chapman. 


Meghna's mission with SPARK is to bridge the gap between research and real life, educating the community on matters close to their hearts (and hips). SPARK offers public workshops, individual and couples' relationship coaching, corporate events, private/bachelorette parties, and speaking engagements. Meghna's style is fun and relaxed, utilizing positive psychology and a forward-focused approach with the goal of helping people nurture happy, healthy relationships. 


Whether you're single, dating, engaged, married, or divorced, SPARK is perfect for you. Check out our upcoming workshops and coaching services today. Can't wait to meet you!

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January 30, 2021
Money w/ Honey
>> helpful ways to talk about finances <<
February 13, 2021
Pleasure: His + Hers
>> the stuff you wish you learned in sex ed <<
March 27, 2021
Words of Wisdom
>> healthy communication during conflict <<
April 2021
Foolin' Around
>> an introduction to open relationships <<
May 2021
Modern Marriage
>> DIY guide for millennials <<
June 2021
Love is Love
>> navigating non-traditional romance <<
July 2021
Keeping the Spark Alive
>> understanding long-term desire <<
August 2021
Emotional Intelligence
>> how to read between the lines <<
September 2021
Hard Conversations
>> enhancing sexual communication <<
October 2021
Flirting for Dummies
>> tips + tricks on the dating scene <<
November 2021
The Art of Gratitude
>> the power of genuine praise <<
December 2021
The Five Love Languages
>> how to love and be loved <<
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Meghna's TED Talk

Birds & Bees: Rethinking Relationship and Sexuality Education

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"Meghna's TED talk impressed the hell out of me. The sheer audacity of what she has proposed boggles the mind. It could change the very fabric of our society. It is quite literally revolutionary." -- Dave


"Definitely recommend! Meghna is super knowledgeable, easily relatable and has a true gift for speaking. My girlfriend and I will definitely be attending the next workshop." -- Koby

"Refreshing teaching style. Challenged my thinking in the best possible way. Warm, enthusiastic, made things fun. Personal examples and stories were compelling, really helped illustrate material. 10/10."  -- anonymous

“Hands down my favorite professor. Meghna makes everyone feel important, understood, and she's incredibly sweet & funny.”

-- anonymous

"Insightful, thought-provoking, applicable to everyone. Worthwhile content, meaningful for my marriage and teenage children." -- Jamie

"Meghna is the best! Fun-loving, energetic, incredibly easy to get along with. Hilarious, cares about making an impact. Sweetest woman ever, highly recommend!" -- Olivia

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