Relationship + Sexual Wellness

Your love life is our business.

SPARK is here to help singles, couples, and polyamorous folks design happy, healthy love lives. Founder Dr. Meghna Mahambrey offers powerful, evidence-based tools and techniques to navigate the ups and downs of modern relationships through public workshops, one-on-one coaching, employee wellness seminars, K-12/college guest speaking, professional development, monthly date nights, singles' happy hours, couples' retreats, a podcast, and a blog. As the only minority-owned, female-led small business of its kind, SPARK is an independent, educational organization free from clinical, religious, or political affiliations. Everyone across all ages, stages of life, and gender/sexual identities are welcome at SPARK. Check out our services and invest in your love life today.

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"Meghna's TED talk impressed the hell out of me.  The sheer audacity of what she has proposed boggles the mind.  It could change the very fabric of our society.  It is, quite literally, revolutionary."

"Meghna is a true Columbus gem!  She has so much wisdom and insight to offer.  Coaching with her was 10,000 more beneficial than therapy... and I've been through a lot of therapy."

"Meghna has started something magical with SPARK.  Her workshops are educational and entertaining, and have helped me and my partner build a strong foundation for our relationship."