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Date Nights

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Still doing dinner and a movie? Let's change that. Research shows fun + adventurous date nights with other happy couples can deepen the physical chemistry and emotional connection between you and your partner. Hate planning date nights? No worries - you're invited to attend SPARK Date Nights where we do all the dirty work (logistics, reservations, communication) and you just get to show up (lookin' cute). This offering is for couples only; simply join our Facebook group to stay in the loop and RSVP for whichever date nights sound fun to you.

2024 Date Night Calendar

January 27

Meet + Greet @ Understory

February 14

HUMPDAY Valentine's Workshop @ Natalie's

March 9

Immersive Art @ Otherworld

April 6

Pillow Talk @ Shadowbox Live

May 4

Yoga + Picnic @ Whetstone Park of Roses

June 22

The Significant Others @ Natalie's

July 12-14

Camping & Glamping @ Fruitdale Farm

August 10

Salsa Dance Lesson @ Dance Edge

September 28

Comedy Show ft. Godfrey @ Funny Bone

October 26

TRAUMA Halloween Party @ The Church of the Sparkling Unicorn

November 16

DIY Projects @ Maker's Social

December TBA

Magic Show @ Hotel Leveque

Join the Facebook group for exact dates and details.

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