SPARK Date Night Club

 Are you in a relationship and struggling to come up with creative date night ideas? If so, you're invited to join the SPARK date night club. Starting in January 2023, we will organize a fun + unique monthly group date night experience open to couples across all ages, stages of life, and gender or sexual identities. Whether you're casually dating, engaged, married, and/or in a non-exclusive relationship, you're welcome.

What kinds of dates?

Think comedy clubs, karaoke, trivia, art gallery, salsa dance lessons, live music, campfires, bowling, wine tastings, pottery classes, museums, yoga, kayaking, ice skating, and more... all in the company of other like-minded couples. The best part is you simply get to show up; SPARK will plan and coordinate all the details, including discounted tickets whenever possible. We want to hear from you; take our quick, anonymous 10-question survey to let us know what sounds fun to you and your partner!

Why bother?

Research confirms that getting off the couch and intentionally planning quality time with your partner deepens your bond and increases emotional intimacy. Studies also show that engaging in novel, physically active dates (as opposed to the same old dinner and a movie) ignites romantic feelings between partners. Evidence also suggests that befriending and spending time with other couples on a regular basis helps develop appreciation for your own relationship and strengthens commitment.

How do we join the club?

Interested couples will be asked to make a small monthly donation on Patreon to cover the time and effort it takes Meghna and her team to organize, promote, and execute these date night experiences each month. By committing to a monthly amount of your choice through 2023, you will not only gain membership to the SPARK date night club, you will also be supporting our small business.


Stay tuned.

Meghna will be on maternity leave October - December 2022. Subscribe to the newsletter and follow us on social media so you don't miss the memo when dates and details are announced.