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[ Frequently Asked Questions ]

Do I have to talk to other humans?

Nope. SPARK workshops are fun and lively, and conversation tends to happen naturally - but no one is required to participate. You're welcome to just listen and learn without airing your dirty laundry.

Are singles welcome to attend?

Yep. In fact, attending these workshops prior to entering a relationship is actually the best time to develop the necessary skills to lay a healthy foundation once you do meet that special someone.

Will I be the oldest person there?

Nope. Ok well maybe, we can't predict who will register in the future, but historically our attendees have ranged in age from 18-75. Relationships evolve over time, making workshops applicable for all ages and stages of life.

Are SPARK workshops LGBTQ-friendly?

Yep. Everyone is welcome, always.

Should I worry about secret agendas?

Nope. SPARK is an independent organization free from clinical, religious, or political affiliations. Workshops are purely educational in nature, presenting evidence-based relationship and sex information that's inclusive of all.

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