Employee Wellness Seminars

 Five Love Languages

[ Learn to love your partner the way they want to be loved ]

Emotional Intelligence in Love

[ Identifying, understanding, + expressing feelings effectively ]

Words of Wisdom

[ Healthy communication strategies during times of conflict ]

diverse love

[ Navigating relationships across race, religion, ability, gender + sexual identity | 3-part series ]

Secrets to a Successful Relationship

[ 7 evidence-based steps to a happier, healthier love life ]

Money w/ Honey

[ Gentle + productive ways to talk about finances as a couple ]

Dirty work

[ A modern couples' guide to delegating housework ]

baby makes three

[ Protecting your relationship across the transition to parenthood ]

cats in the cradle

[ Nurturing healthy parent-child relationships amidst a busy schedule]


[ Weaving families together across biological lines ]

The Art of Giving + Receiving Gratitude

[ Harnessing the power of thankfulness in relationships ]


[ A modern single's guide to finding that special someone ]

36 questions

[ How to nurture chemistry + connection on the first date]

d-i-y marriage

[ Custom designing your ideal relationship, with or without the ring ]

Keeping the SPARK Alive

[ Creative ideas for sustaining long-term love ]