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Medical Seminars

Dr. Meghna Mahambrey has teamed up with oncology nurse Samantha Rogers, BSN, RN, OCN to offer a variety of services focused on the medical community:

Professional Development

Patients often confide in healthcare professionals about their marriages and sex lives, yet physicians may not have time to address these issues, and their medical staff may feel unprepared to answer such intimate questions - either due to discomfort or lack of training. SPARK has designed a continuing education seminar to help these medical professionals learn how to address common patient concerns through evidence-based, inclusive information. Ideal for physicians, nurses, PAs, midwives, therapists, and all other healthcare workers.

Patient Care

Mental health, physical health, and relationship health are all interconnected; each one impacts the other, and all three need to be supported for a holistic approach to wellness. While patients may receive medical care for their physical health and psychiatric care for their mental health, there is a strong need for relationship care when navigating difficult times. SPARK offers workshops and support groups for patients focused on healthy communication habits, emotional support, and physical intimacy.

Community Partnerships

Healing happens best in community and connection with others. SPARK teams up with local and national non-profit organizations to provide support to those who need it most. Whether you're looking for a keynote speaker, workshop facilitator, panelist, support group leader, or have a creative idea for a different kind of event, SPARK is here to partner with you. We welcome specific requests, or can pitch ideas to you that speak to the mission of your health-oriented organization and the unique needs of your community.


Great seminar! Looking forward to to sharing what I learned with my patients regarding this often overlooked aspect of their treatment. Dr. Meghna Mahambrey was a wonderful speaker, very knowledgable, inclusive, and kind.

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