Frequently Asked Questions

I'm interested, but also an introvert.  Do I have to talk to other humans?

Nope.  Meghna's workshops are fun and lively, and conversation tends to happen naturally - but no one is required to talk.  You're more than welcome to just listen and learn, without airing your dirty laundry.  Participation is totally optional, and you can keep to yourself or choose to privately chat with your partner/friends.

I'm single, can I still attend these workshops?

Yep.  Meghna's workshops are relevant regardless of relationship status.  Whether you're single, casually dating, in a committed relationship, married, or divorced, you are welcome.  As for singles, attending these workshops prior to entering a relationship is actually the best time to develop the necessary skills to lay a healthy foundation once you do meet that special someone.  Come solo (we don't bite) or grab some friends and make it a fun night out.

I'm worried I'll be the oldest person there... what age range do these workshops cater to?

All ages!  While certain workshop topics may focus more on the early stages of relationships, others will focus on how long-term relationships shift over time and across stages.  Meghna loves having older adults in her class, as they add a seasoned perspective to discussions (should they choose to participate).  She personally encourages you to sign up.

Are these workshops LGBTQ-friendly?

YES.  Love is love.

Does SPARK have any religious or political affiliations?

No.  We are a private organization that is not associated with or funded by any religious organization or governmental agency.  We present evidence-based relationship and sexuality information that is interesting and relevant for all.

To what extent is diversity considered in these workshops?

Diversity is central to Meghna's teaching.  Discussions will regularly revolve around social and cultural influences on our relational and sexual lifestyles.  Western approaches to love will often be juxtaposed with other world views.

I don't drink alcohol, will it be awkward for me to attend a workshop in a bar setting?

Nope.  We enjoy hosting our workshops in relaxed, social atmospheres that offer guests an opportunity to unwind and purchase a drink from the bar if they choose.  However, alcohol is not provided by SPARK, and is not necessary to make the most of the workshop experience.

Meghna was my professor, is it weird for me to show up to a workshop?

If you were a past student of Meghna's, you are especially encouraged to attend.  You have the foundational knowledge from her class that will give you a leg up on any workshop material.

I really want to come, but times are tight.  

We get it.  Our mission is to share knowledge with everyone who is interested and invested in building healthy relationships, regardless of budget.  We offer scholarships to attend our workshops; complete an application and we'll do what we can to make it happen.

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