Frequently Asked Questions  @  Workshops

I'm interested, but also an introvert.  Do I have to talk to other humans?

Nope.  SPARK workshops are fun and lively, and conversation tends to happen naturally - but no one is required to talk.  You're more than welcome to just listen and learn, without airing your dirty laundry.

I'm single, can I still attend these workshops?

Yep.  In fact, attending these workshops prior to entering a relationship is actually the best time to develop the necessary skills to lay a healthy foundation once you do meet that special someone.

I'm worried I'll be the oldest person there... what age range do these workshops cater to?

All ages!  While certain workshop topics may focus more on the early stages of relationships, others will focus on how long-term relationships shift over time and will be particularly relevant for older couples.

Are these workshops LGBTQ-friendly?

YES.  Love is love.

Does SPARK have any religious or political affiliations?

No.  We are a private organization that is not associated with or funded by any religious organization or governmental agency.  We present evidence-based relationship and sexuality information that is inclusive and open to all.

I really want to come, but times are tight.  

Our mission is to share knowledge with everyone who is interested and invested in building healthy relationships, regardless of budget.  That's why we offer scholarships; complete a scholarship application and we'll be in touch.


Frequently Asked Questions  @  Coaching

What is relationship coaching?

Relationship coaching provides an opportunity to explore the inner workings of past, current or future romantic relationships through one-on-one work with a qualified coach.  Clients are guided through a variety of discussions and exercises designed to help them articulate their vision for their ideal relationship, set concrete goals, and come up with a realistic plan to achieve them. Rather than stumbling your way through your love life and waiting for problems to arise, relationship coaching is a proactive way to protect yourself and your relationship through education, reflection, inspiration, and action. 

How does relationship coaching differ from therapy?

Relationship coaching is an exploratory, forward-focused practice that capitalizes on positive psychology to help clients identify and achieve their relationship goals.  Therapy is a more comprehensive service provided by trained professionals to address sensitive relational experiences including trauma, domestic violence, infidelity, substance abuse, mental disorders, or other serious issues.  Though relationship coaching may touch on heavier topics, it is intended to be a fun and lighthearted experience for those who simply want to optimize their relationships.

Who is relationship coaching for?

Relationship coaching is ideal for anyone who is eager to learn more about themselves and their partners, grow through thought-provoking dialogue and fun activities, and develop skills to navigate romantic relationships more effectively.  Singles can benefit by mentally and emotionally preparing prior to entering a relationship, couples can benefit by strengthening and enhancing their current relationship, and partnered individuals who attend alone can benefit by sorting through their individual experience of their current relationship, including whether it's truly a good fit for them.

What makes Meghna unique as a relationship coach?

Meghna earned her doctorate from Ohio State University focusing on romantic relationships, sexual satisfaction, and the evolution of marriage.  As an award-winning instructor that has taught college courses for over a decade, she is known for her eloquent and articulate speaking style which can be seen in her TED talk.  Meghna has attended trainings and seminars by well-respected relationship experts including The Gottman Institute (author of Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work), Esther Perel (author of Mating in Captivity), and Dr. Gary Chapman (author of The Five Love Languages). Meghna's coaching style is relaxed and fun, making sessions feel more like casual conversations rather than formal appointments.

What will coaching sessions consist of?

Coaching sessions will be customized for each client with a combination of thought-provoking dialogue, self-reflection, fun exercises, and client-centered advocacy.  Your responsibility as the client is to come to coaching sessions with an open mind, prepared to honestly examine your attitudes and behaviors in romantic relationships.  You will be invited to take an active role in articulating your desires, setting your goals, and devising and executing your plan. I will provide guidance and structure for your experience, but the outcome is ultimately in your hands.  You are the architect of your love life.

I'm sold!  How do I sign-up?  

Meghna is accepting a limited number of clients for the first quarter of 2021.  Schedule your free 30-minute consultation with Meghna to determine coach-client compatibility, after which you can purchase a coaching package.

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