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Professional wellness begins with personal wellness.

Did you know your love life influences your performance at work? Of course you did; most of us have experienced this first-hand. Psychological studies refer to this phenomenon as the "spillover effect" and suggest that healthier, happier relationships at home encourage more focus, productivity, and engagement in the workplace. This often leads to higher achievement and greater job satisfaction, which are ingredients for retention and promotion... win-win. Progressive companies understand the importance of genuinely caring about their team - not just as employees, but as complex human beings.


SPARK offers corporate seminars that can be customized to suit your company's needs. Our standard packages include in-person seminars that are each one hour in length. We provide a projector, screen, lavalier microphone, music, sound system, and materials for attendees; all you have to do is provide the event space, tables and seating, and any food or drinks. Virtual seminars are available upon request, along with extended seminars or weekend retreats (inquire about pricing). For bookings outside of Columbus, Ohio, travel and accommodations may be requested. Any other special requests? Just ask.


As the only minority-owned, female-led small business in central Ohio offering employee wellness programming of this kind, you will be offering a unique + meaningful experience to your team members that will enhance both their personal and professional life. SPARK is an independent organization firmly rooted in academic research, free from any religious, clinical, or governmental affiliations. Which means your employees will benefit from unbiased, evidence-based seminars with a signature emphasis on diversity, equity, + inclusion. Presented by Dr. Meghna Mahambrey, seminars are equally as entertaining as they are educational.


Personal relationships, like most important things in our lives, require ongoing care and maintenance. One seminar is helpful, but multiple demonstrate awareness of this philosophy and a commitment to employee well-being. Check out our corporate packages and popular topics below, then send us a booking request to get the conversation started. We look forward to working with you.

build your corporate package

1. Choose Your Quantity + Frequency

  • One seminar as a special event to celebrate the holidays or an important company milestone

  • Four seminars as quarterly events, a 4-part summer series, or a weekly lunch break for one month

  • Twelve seminars as monthly events to boost team morale and nurture workplace culture throughout the year

  • OR... customize the quantity + frequency to suit your company's unique needs (bundle discounts available)

2. Choose Your Day + Time

  • During business hours so employees can easily attend

  • On an evening or weekend so partners of employees can benefit from the experience, too

3. Choose Your Format + Location

  • In the company building for easy access

  • At a unique event space to make it feel special

  • Go virtual to accommodate parents, introverts, and out-of-towners while ensuring safety + comfort for all

4. Choose Your Topics

  • Review our list of popular seminars ideal for corporate settings (see below)

  • Support diversity, equity, and inclusion through our special 3-part series, Loving Outside the Lines

  • Consider including a seminar on sexual wellness, Keeping the SPARK Alive - it's 2021, we need strong leaders who encourage healthy discourse in public spaces on all aspects of the human experience

Corporate Seminar Topics:



Five Love Languages

[ Learn to love your partner the way they want to be loved ]

Emotional Intelligence in Love

[ Identifying, understanding, + expressing feelings effectively ]

Words of Wisdom

[ Healthy communication strategies during times of conflict ]

Loving outside the lines

[ Navigating relationships across race, religion, ability, gender + sexual diversity | 3-part series ]

Secrets to a Successful Relationship

[ 7 evidence-based steps to a happier, healthier love life ]

Money w/ Honey

[ Gentle + productive ways to talk about finances as a couple ]

Dirty work

[ A modern couples' guide to delegating housework ]

baby makes three

[ Protecting your relationship across the transition to parenthood ]

cats in the cradle

[ Nurturing healthy parent-child relationships amidst a busy schedule]


[ Weaving families together across biological lines ]

The Art of Giving + Receiving Gratitude

[ Harnessing the power of thankfulness in relationships ]


[ A modern single's guide to finding that special someone ]

36 questions

[ How to nurture chemistry + connection on the first date]

d-i-y marriage

[ Custom designing your ideal relationship, with or without the ring ]

Keeping the SPARK Alive

[ Creative ideas for sustaining long-term love ]